We look beyond the obvious and take the big-picture approach. Conditions don’t need to be a life sentence - our movement is our aim.

At Ease To Move Physiotherapy, we prefer to look at the big picture. We strive to facilitate the body system to work as a whole, in order for us to move efficiently through space. Our clinical experiences indicate that an arthritic joint or a recurrent neck or shoulder pain could stem from biomechanical dysfunction in one or more body parts and various lifestyle factors. We emphasize on a thorough initial assessment to help you identify these modifiable driver/s to your pain and movement dysfunction.

Every patient that walks through our door is more than a sore neck, a sore back or an arthritic knee to us. The human body is clever to compensate for injuries and muscle imbalances overtime and embed bad movement habits in the central nervous system, straining the body overtime and alert us with pain. We will listen to your story to identify these patterns and facilitate you to return to your movement goals pain free and guide you to prevent recurrence.

We strive to assist you in more than performing your daily tasks at ease. Whether you are unhappy with your tennis serve, your running speed or your jump height etc., we can assist you to optimize your performance.

Manual (hands-on treatment)

Muscle imbalance and joint stiffness are common contributing factors to pain, joint degeneration and physical injuries. Manual therapy in the form myofascial release, joint mobilization and muscle energy techniques are effective means our physiotherapist will use to help you address your muscular and joint dysfunctions.

Dry needling

Dry needling is the use of acupuncture type needle into a trigger point of a shortened muscle to create a “twitch” response. A shortened or tight muscle can cause compression in nerve fibers and joints, fostering neuropathic pain and arthritis. Research has documented the effectiveness of a twitch response in releasing tight and shortened muscles, hence releasing compression in nerves and joints.

You will feel a very short-lasting cramping sensation in your muscle during dry needling and temporary muscle ache for a day or two after your treatment, as a result of release of inflammatory chemicals from the shorten muscle. Feel free to speak your therapist if you are concern of side effects or contraindications of dry needling.

Ergonomic assessment & advice

Whether you are a blue- or white-collar worker, a busy homemaker or just chilling out at home, our lifestyles these days foster repetitive postures and movements, which are common causes of injuries and pain. As experts of biomechanics, we can advice you on the optimal posture and organization of your workstation to facilitate your recovery and prevent recurrence of injuries.

Home exercise program

There is more than enough research evidence that show exercise is one of the crucial means to achieve physical and mental wellbeing. We understand that it can be easier said than done, especially when injuries or pain can be a significant limiting factor. Our assessment will guide us to prescribed individualized exercises for you, tailored to your rehabilitation goals and exercise tolerance.  If motivation is an issue and you are not confident with exercising on your own, our group rehabilitation exercise class will suit you needs.

Clinical Pilates & Group Rehabilitation Exercise

Pilates is a complete body strength and conditioning program, used to improve back and neck pain, and improve coordination, strength and flexibility, ease of movement, prevention and healing of injuries. Fundamental movement principles of breathing, lengthening and coordination are combined to help you achieve ease of movement, tailored to your personal goals.

Each class is individually tailored to help address your personal exercise and rehabilitation goals.

Before commencing a training program, each new client will meet with our physiotherapist for an initial 45-minute assessment, where a personalised program will be developed. Classes are run in small groups of not more than four people.

Let us help you rediscover the joy of movement.

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Vern Chai

B.Physio (Hons)

Vern completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons.) at the University of Melbourne in 2006 and has worked in various settings, including hospital, aged care and chronic pain.

Spending many years dancing as a child and teenager, she developed special interest in movement disorders and body awareness. She strongly believes that the human body needs to move synchronously for optimal pain free movements and postures. A complete and thorough assessment of the whole body system, i.e.: you as "who you are" is essential.

She aims to assist you to identify the cause of your movement dysfunction and pain/ symptoms and provide you with the optimal body mechanics and movement strategy, whether your goal is to move without pain or to optimize your performance in running, tennis, boxing, dancing etc.

Paul Cho

Paul Cho


Paul graduated from University of South Australia with Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2020 and has recently moved to Victoria for a wider range of opportunities. Paul has successfully completed his clinical placements from diverse settings including private practice, hospital and aged care.

Prior to becoming a physiotherapist, Paul has previously worked in many different settings including factory, warehouse, kitchen and office administration which trigger his interest in treating musculoskeletal conditions resulting from incorrect postures and movements. His hands on experience in these setting has allowed him to understand occupational related injuries well and truly.

Paul emphasizes on empowering patients with knowledge of healthy ergonomics and manual handling techniques and the importance of growing health related knowledge for injury prevention. He values communication as utmost importance and attempts to incorporate every bit of patients’ circumstances to treatment process. He believes that every treatment regime needs to be tailored to each patient’s unique lifestyle and perspectives.

Radhika Kapoor

Radhika Kapoor


Radhika Kapoor graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Monash University in 2012. Since graduating she has worked in the private practice and aged care setting gaining experience in spinal pain, post-surgical rehabilitation and sporting injuries.

Prior to becoming a physiotherapist, Radhika grew up participating in ballet. This leads her to encourage her clients to feel the joy of movement.

Radhika has a strong focus on providing client-centred care and an evidence-based approach using treatments that have been proven to be effective. She has always had a strong interest in helping her clients. Radhika has a particular interest in combining both traditional and modern aspects of Physiotherapy including Maitland, McKenzie, Explain Pain, Neurodynamic and Pilates approaches. She aims to improve your function and get you back to an exercise routine that you will enjoy. 

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